Friday, September 11, 2015

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ Plus

That big, voluptuous display adds major sex appeal to this phone, and Super AMOLED tech makes it look vibrant, too

Well, this looks awfully familiar. You’re not wrong there, mucker. The Galaxy S6 Edge+ is pretty much identical to the S6 Edge, only bigger. In fact, it boasts the biggest, curved edge-toedge smartphone screen in the world.

That’s an accolade! But is it too big for me? I don’t want to carry around a slab. And you won’t. While this phablet does boast a bigger 5.7-inch QHD (Quad High Definition) display, Samsung has kept those bezels to a minimum, slimming them down to the point where some smaller-screen smartphones are wider than the Galaxy S6 Edge+.

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Where’s my S Pen, mofo? I don’t see it. You rude oik! And you won’t find the S Pen here. That swish stylus is reserved for the Galaxy Note 5, with the S6 Edge+ relying solely on your grubby little digits. However, the on-screen interface has been upgraded to work better on the larger screen, with extra edge-screen features including the ability to jump to your favourite apps. This makes the handset easier to drive one-handed.

And the battery life? It’d better be good! Listen, demando, we don’t make the phones, we tell you about them. Anyway, a bigger screen is always going to suck more power, and with Super AMOLED tech and a QHD resolution, there’s a lot going on with the display. Thankfully, Samsung has stuffed a bigger (compared to the S6 Edge) battery inside the handset, and there’s wireless and fast charging, too.

So is it better than the iPhone 6 Plus? On paper, yes. The resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 pips the 1080p offering of the 6 Plus; as does the 518ppi pixel count (the iPhone 6 Plus is 401ppi). It also has 4GB of RAM, compared to the 1GB in the 6 Plus. And it has a sharper camera. But it depends on your OS of choice!

I want to get my hands on this phone before anyone else. When’s it out? Spoiled much? Anyway, you won’t have very long to wait: the Galaxy S6 Edge+ (available in gold platinum or black sapphire) is available globally now, with, says Samsung, “specific launch time varying by market”.


Features: 3G Data Capable, 4G Data Capable, Air Gesture, Bluetooth Enabled, Fingerprint Sensor, Global Ready, GPS, Internet Browser, Music Player, Near Field Communication, QWERTY Keyboard, Speakerphone, Touchscreen, Voice-Activated Dialing, Wi-Fi Capable, Wireless Charging
Camera Resolution: 16MP
Processor: Octa Core
Storage Capacity: 128GB The max internal memory. Or choose from 32GB or 64GB
Screen Dimensions: 5.7in, bigger than the Galaxy S6 Edge’s

By Claire Davies - T3 Hype

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