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10 things to do that can automate your Android Device

10 things to do, that can automate your Android Device

1.) Use Cortana as your next personal assistant

Microsoft’s virtual personal assistant Cortana is now available on the Google Play store and can help you with a whole host of tasks. One of the great features is the ability to track flights and packages for you, saving you the hassle of logging on to or feeding data into a range of disparate tracking websites or apps. Plus Cortana can send you reminders, make appointments, send emails or texts, and much more.

2.) Clean your cache

Your device’s memory cache can get full when you’ve been using a lot of memory-hogging apps, causing a slowdown in performance. App Cache Cleaner from InfoLife LLC can be set up to remind you to clear your cache once it hits a certain predefined level or even automatically clean it for you. Set it up to do a daily clean out when your phone is not in use (when you're in bed, for example) and enjoy better performance without any of the hassle.

3.) Silence alerts using Android Lollipop’s Priority mode

Android Lollipops Priority mode

You’ve left the volume up on your phone so that it can wake you up in the morning with an alarm, but then it spends all night ringing and dinging with every notification that comes in. Use Lollipop's Priority mode to tell it to shut the hell up for the night. You can define when it has to be silent and when it can make noise - perfect for getting some shuteye or when you're off to the cinema.

4.) Send a text when you reach a specified location

Automated Device app

If you’re driving and need to text someone to let them know you’re on your way, you don’t have to waste time pulling over to type out a message. Instead, use the Automated Device app from Daniel Herrero and set up a rule to get your device to automatically text them when you reach a given location. However, you’ll need to set this rule up carefully and consider the location that you specify – you don’t want to automatically text your contacts every time you pass the corner shop!

5.) Create custom macros with MacroDroid

ArloSoft’s MacroDroid app lets you set up custom actions that are triggered whenever a particular set of circumstances is met. For example, you can get your phone to automatically upload the last photo you took to Facebook when you shake the handset. The free app is ad-supported and only lets you create five macros, but you can upgrade to the Pro version via an IAP, which will give you unlimited freedom to set up your own macros.

6.) Enable location-based commands for ease of use

Llama is a location-aware app from KebabApps that you can use to automate functions based on where you are. It uses phone masts to locate your position and, when you reach a certain place, it will action the task that you’ve automated. This means you can order your phone to be quiet when you arrive at work or automatically launch your music player when you get to the gym. However, accuracy is limited by the number of mobile phone masts that are in the area.

7.) Manage complex rules

Atooma - Smart Assistant

Atooma is packed with a bunch of ready-made smart actions or you can make your own, working along the principle of ‘if this happens, do that’. You can use it to program quite complex rules – it can handle up to five conditions (things that trigger the automated task) and five reaction (things that the automated task does) for every rule you set up. For example, you can get it to set up your phone to be quiet if you get home from work after the kids have gone to bed.

8.) Make your own automation apps

If you’re a bit of a whizz with Tasker and you’d like to make your own automation apps, but don’t have the patience for extensive coding, then give Tasker App Factory a whirl. You will need the Tasker app in order to use it, but you can make, publish and sell your own automation apps. Be aware that it is a plugin rather than a standalone app so you may not need to do any coding, but knowing your way around Tasker is a must.

9.) Update apps automatically

It’s an old app, it no longer has tech support and it has a few glitches when it comes to paid apps, but Changelog Droid can be incredibly handy for updating your apps automatically. It looks for updates to the apps you have installed and lets you know when there are updates available for them. You can set it up to automatically update them, but we would recommend you keep this functionality strictly for older and free apps to avoid errors

10.) Set up battery saving

Trigger App

One of the best tasks to automate is one that minimises battery use when the low. When your battery gets below a certain percentage, you can tell Trigger to automatically reduce screen brightness and turn off WI-FI, helping your phone stay alive just that little bit longer. You don't even have to program it yourself - it's built into the app, so all you have to do is simply turn this function on and it'll take care of itself.

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